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All About Bronzefinger

Saturday February 7, 2004: The Rolling Apple is a terrible name. I'm going to change it as soon as I can think of something better.

I created this blog after creating a handful of "Mac Tips" newsletter letters to close friends (a few of whom are switchers).

Some of the entries are simply helpful comparisons between applications (like what's the best email program to use on OS X?), others are tips that can save you a LOT of time by using Apple's built in software. Sometimes the things you can do are so simple that you would never think to try them, like drag-and-drop printing...

So I'm posting the tips here for Google, you, the world, to find. Feel free to post related comments to make the site even more useful. If you post comments about penis enlargement I will kill you.

Monday April 5, 2004: Yes, Orchard. Orchard is much better. From this day forth, this blog shall be called Orchard. You can even call it (Apple) Orchard if you like.

Sunday February 6, 2005: The time has come to make another evolutionary step forward and give the old Orchard it's own proper domain name and identity. No longer shall it lay hidden behind the duck(stop). Only problem is, all of the names I wanted were taken (apple orchard, applecore, etc.). So Bronzefinger it is. It is a domain that I've owned for quite a while and haven't been able to put to use. It also isn't the worst match in the world; it's part secret-agent, part spy, and a part (the keyboard) of one of the best PowerBooks ever released by Apple Computer -- the year 2000 Firewire (or "Pismo"). This blog, then, is a deep look into technology; what makes it go, what works and what doesn't, and more.

April 30,2005: Bronzefinger isn't a news site on technology. It's much more of a journal. If I come across good ideas, I generally don't post them until I've tried them myself. There is plenty that can go wrong with computers and with more and more of our lives living on them, just the right placed bug could spell disaster. So as the wave of technology hurles forward, Bronzefinger will be there reporting on the good, and often times - finding ways to make it even better.

Aaron 'strayduck' Deutsch

Posted by Aaron R. Deutsch on February 7, 2004 3:56 PM


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