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Quark vs. InDesign a Quark Users Opinion

quark_attack.jpg While inDesign is the only layout program I'll consider, partly out of integration with other Adobe products, ease of use, and a better company motto (Adobe:"paranoid", Quark:"evil"), I'll be the first to admit that my needs are pretty simple; I "design" my own invoices which I rip to .pdf and email to clients. The extent of the features I use are: templates for page headers/footers and importing of screen shots for web statistics.

Since I've heard very few disparaging things said about inDesign (vs. that fact that the print world is very "old school" and is filled with old designers that don't want to learn new tricks (or programs) and that print shops have been slow to add inDesign as an accepted file type) I thought it would be good to get an opinion about this from a heavy desginer who lives in print-page layouts. Mr. Carns of Carns Concepts had this to say:

"Quark is still consistently better in every way. Other than Quark doing everything slightly better, I have three major complaints with ID:

1. InDesign takes 3-5X longer to process everything, from importing pictures, to moving objects, to scrolling pages. ID has been disastrous with big documents.

2. My main reason to use a layout program is to control the fonts through style sheets. I set styles to fonts throughout the document then edit the style sheet once to make the universal change. Quark does this flawlessly. InDesign does not. ID will not apply a style to most text created on a PC (which is most text in a corporate world). ID does not update styles consistently. ID support says that it's a flaw with ID. That's a big flaw. So most of the time designers
wil change the fonts individually. It could be 10 edits on every page of a 100 page document. InDesign = 1000 edits, Quark = 1.

3. I've heard all of the marketing hype, but in the real world, ID files are rarely accepted. Yes we can export as a PDF, but pubs need the native document for type edits or to adjust the size. Almost all pubs are still using Quark.

I wish ID would have spent more time on development and less time on marketing. As the saying goes: A great ad campaign is the fastest way to make a bad product fail."

He later added:

"I've decided that InDesign is for stoners. Quark is for Coffee junkies. To apply color to a font in ID the user must first click of the box icon then on the text icon. ID will apply color to the stroke and not the fill, so I must click on the fill and off the stroke. This has to be the logic of a stoner. If I select a text box, I'm going to apply color to the font 90%, not the stroke or box. How is it OK to add three extra steps to a one step function?"

End of story? Surely not, but good to have as part of the much larger discussion.

Posted by Aaron R. Deutsch on August 11, 2005 4:02 PM


This Carns guy is a QUACK! He's a tired-old-designer stuck in the 80s. Quark is a sinking ship. My advice is to learn InDesign or you'll be unemployed in a few years.

Posted by: Sneakers at October 17, 2006 2:21 PM

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