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Splitting mp3's

It's pragmatism vs. principal, really. 'Shuffles and the like are convenient because they come with built-in rechargable batteries. If people are given a choice they will be lazy (need built-in functionality) or irresponsible (using non-rechargeable batteries). So these mp3 players with built-in rechargables are good -- for the first year or so as nobody will replace them unless the value of the original item was pretty high -- like $250+. So basically all of these people are spending quite a bit of money ($100 for a Flash player vs. $20 for a CD walkman or $9 for a FM radio) for something they are just going to throw away after an extremely short lifespan.

To me this is wreckless and irresponsible. Yes, technology moves quickly -- but why did you buy that mp3 player in the first place? As a fashion accessory? Then fine. But if you purchased it to play music then it should be expected to perform for quite a while.

So this is just a long-winded endorsement of mp3 players that run on AAAs. If you use rechargable batteries in these little guys you should get quite a few miles of music out of them, and be a responsible technology citizen.

Posted by Aaron R. Deutsch on August 16, 2005 10:31 AM


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