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I received a box from UPS the other day that was completely square. Doesn't sound like news, but that is extremely rare -- about 99.999% of all boxes that have been shipped to me have been rectangle.

As is always the case, the Haus Interactive office cat (Mr. Angelica Peterson) made the obligatory inspection of the contents. While doing so it dawned on me that she had just set herself up for the perfect photo opp.

Below is the comparison between the Unix installation "Package" icon and what I have titled "Pete.pkg".


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Going Back to the Time Casino

What you get if you download a leaked version of OS 10.5 "Leopard":

View full size image. Concept by Raleigh-i, PhotoChop by Haus Interactive

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The Wireless Relay

If you have a Mac outfitted with 2 wireless cards you can use that instead of an Airport Express to extend your wireless connection to your other nearby devices. Here's How:


STEP ONE: Open System Preferences
STEP TWO: Click on "Internet" tab
STEP THREE: Select the source of your internet connection in the "Share your connection from" pull-down menu
STEP FOUR: Check the device you'd like to broadcast your signal from in the "To computers using" list
STEP FIVE: (optional): Choose a name and security options for this ad-hoc network
STEP SIX: Click "Start"

Once running you will see your airport icon change to an arrow to indicate that you are broadcasting your connection:

This post was updated August 10 to correct mistakes in the original post. Old instructions and images have been removed for clarity.

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