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The web can be useful with Blazer for Palm Centro and Treo

This is going to sound like blasphemy but here's the deal: I'm not convinced we need full-sized Safari web browsing on our phones. Why not? Because we browse the web in different ways and for different reasons when we are on the road vs. when we are at our home or office.

At home or work we are looking at much larger screens (often as large as a television) and have plenty of room for 4 column layouts for newspapers and blogs and fast enough processors to handle large flash movies and rich media. We are also sitting down and have more time available for browsing.

On the road we are most likely searching for something specific and want to get it as quickly as possible: directions to a restaurant, news or weather updates, or a wikipedia definition to a word you're arguing with someone about.

We don't need to be scrolling all over creation to get to the answer (even if it is fun) -- we need it presented quickly and plainly.

As such the Blazer browser still isn't that bad for reaching these goals but in order to do so you need to actually turn off a few factory defaults. First, here is an example of the problem in action: Websites that have not made a mobile style sheet often render poorly in Blazer:


Other problems include errors from sites that deliver content via AJAX or JavaScript that require multiple clicks to dismiss (ahem, twit.tv, cough...).

All of the fixes can be found on the General tab of your browser preferences:


Reloading our sample wikipedia page shows it now is quite readable (and loads quickly!):


Posted by Aaron R. Deutsch on January 26, 2008 10:33 PM


Hello, how do I update my blazer application to make sure I'm running the most current version. And how do I do it? Thanks!

Posted by: Debbie Eastland at October 27, 2009 2:52 PM

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